Cardio Exercises For the elderly

As we age, we start loosing endurance and stamina. This is a natural process that happens because of decline in our aerobic capabilities and muscle strength. But this condition is not irreversible. Cardio exercises are an effective way to improve endurance and stamina. They benefit both healthy older adults and older adults with already existing medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes, etc. Moreover, they also help in controlling blood pressure, boosting energy, and strengthening the bones.

If you’re looking for something to get the blood flowing, try our comprehensive list of cardio exercises for seniors. Cardio is a great way to get your body moving and help promote physical and mental health. Choosing low-impact exercises that can be worked into your day-to-day life is the best way to build your own custom routine. Choose from the list below to get started!

If you’re going to get some exercise done, what better place to do it than the gym? Next time you’re at the gym, keep an eye out for any of these machines for a fast and effective cardio workout.

The best thing about treadmills is their ability to have their settings toggled to better suit the person on it. You can set it at a brisk walk pace, or turn it up to a quick run if you’re feeling adventurous. Some advanced models even allow you to customize the angle, either manually or in a simulated uphill and downhill run.

Recumbent bikes are a great way for seniors to get a safe, low-impact, cardio workout that's effective. These machines are popular at the gym but are also the perfect piece of equipment for at-home exercise