Get to Know Us: M&N Healthcare Story and Mission

About Us

M&N Healthcare Office in birmingham UK

Our Story

Proven history of recruiting and supplying only the best quality Health care Professionals

Founded by MARIANA NJIE a Register Care Manager, M&N HEALTH CARE has a long and proven history of recruiting and supplying only the best quality Health care Professionals, often skilled in multiple specialties.

We have emerged as the leading specialized home care agency of choice for health care professionals looking for short or long-term placements, and for those seeking to employ only the best.

Provide maximised level of skills

Our approach is straightforward yet powerful.

We recruit and train the very highest caliber of nursing and health care professionals through our comprehensive induction procedure, delivering maximized levels of skill and experience to our clients. We work in close collaboration, building personal professional relationships with clients and candidates alike and look after our people like no other agency, rewarding them with excellent terms and conditions, high quality training, generous bonus packages and social event gatherings.

Further benefits include:

Experienced, helpful booking & care coordinator always ready to assist with your requirements. Friendly, helpful consultants reachable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist you with all your staffing requirements. We ensure that our on call team always delivers a consistent, supportive service whether it’s a 1am emergency request or a 6 am request.

We specialize in covering urgent ASAP care needs with our new dynamic booking systems. Contact us to speak with one of our friendly consultants and to find out how we can help.

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Highest caliber of nursing and health care professionals

What We Do

The Best Quality Health care Professionals.

Make Life Easier

Make Life Easier

We Make Life Easier for you and your loved ones with personal grooming, companionship, light housekeeping care services wherever they call home.

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is simple to be there for you and your family to make life easier, happier, healthier and more enjoyable each and every day!

Trusted & Respected health care professionals

Trusted & Respected

We are among most trusted and respected provider of in-home care and support for people in their homes, retirement communities, assisted living and nursing & care homes facilities

Medical examination, daily health checkup

Holistic Health Care

We ensure our careers are trained for this type of care and we work to ensure this is delivered in a holistic manner.

We value and respect diversity

Committed to Equality

We value and respect diversity.

  • We are completely committed to equality of opportunity when delivering our services and in our employment policies.
  • We welcome enquiries from everyone and value diversity in our workforce.
  • We have comprehensive policies and procedures to ensure that we do not discriminate against any employee or service user on grounds of gender, race/ethnicity, religious or spiritual beliefs, age, disability or sexuality.
  • We have a zero tolerance of discrimination within the organization.

Everyone has a part to play in ensuring we achieve equality of opportunity. We believe that a positive attitude towards equality and diversity is right for our people, our clients and our business suppliers. This means that we must encourage all our people to welcome diversity and respect each person’s individuality

M&N Healthcare personal care

We provide personal home care.

We provide personal home care to help with the more intimate or personal daily routines which may have become more difficult Our personal home care services support the elderly and frail, physically disabled, learning disabled, or those with mental health illness with personal daily routines at home that may be impossible to do alone, or have become more difficult.

This kind of support can range from:

  • Getting out of bed in the morning.
  • Help with washing and dressing Assistance with maintaining personal appearance.
  • Help and support with toileting/incontinence.
  • Getting settled in for the evening and going to bed.
Personal home care
Happy customer, satisfied clients, respectful approach to personal home care

Dignity and Respect

We always preserve the dignity of our customer.

Ensuring that we take a warm and respectful approach to personal home care routine's. Our service ensures that people have privacy when they need and want it, treating them as equals, respecting people's personal preferences, lifestyle and care choices.

Supporting independence and choice:

Wherever possible, and where it is safe to do so, we will let our customers do things for themselves. We encourage independence and confidence in being independent.Our home care team will always respect those we support, offering a personalized service, and taking into account their personal lifestyle, culture, choices, and wishes.


What Our Client Say About Us.

“I have been very pleased with my carer for two weeks after leaving hospital. Everything I have asked her to has been done immediately and done well. I shall miss her but maybe I will need her again soon.”

Jackie Y

“The service I receive from M&N Healthcare is excellent and I am very happy with the management very friendly and the carer's look after me there own mum. I will recommend them to anyone looking for a care provider.”

Vidalyn B

“So far I have enjoyed my meetings with the manager very much. She is a breath of wind between meals several times a day. We reacted favorably on first meeting and have continued since. There is a respect between us which helps the connection and makes it easy to talk. Overall outstanding service from M&N Healthcare.”

Vidalyn B